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Adam Barnes is a songwriter from Oxford, UK. A humble 27 year old personified through his relatable lyrics and his ability to lean on the contemporary hooks of 20th century folk music.

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‘Edison’ is a song of leaving, leaving behind the normal aspects of life and looking for something different. Sometimes these things are unexpected and you’re forced into something new and sometimes it’s something you look for. I don’t know if I was ready to make this big change in my life, this was a way to express that.

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Cover art of Adam Barnes's single 'Edison'
Cover art of 's  'Vacancy at NASA'

Vacancy at NASA

‘Vacancy at NASA’ is an ode to Adam’s folk roots, comprised with a more commercial feel.

Cover art of 's  'Hopeful'


‘Hopeful’ is a song that likens being a musician to being an explorer of the vast beyond.

Cover art of 's  'Electron'


‘Electron’ is the first song written by Adam that presents an unrelated narrative of a fascinating character.

Cover art of 's  'Everything'


Everything is the second single of forthcoming album 'Vacancy at NASA'.

Cover art of 's  'Bad Luck'

Bad Luck

Bad Luck is the lead single and opening track to the 2nd full length album of Adam Barnes.


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