Adam Barnes is a songwriter from Oxford, UK. A humble 25 year old personified through his relatable lyrics and his ability to lean on the contemporary hooks of 20th century folk music.

Café du loge
Ghent, Belgium
Die Wohngemeinschaft
Cologne, Germany
Wuppertal, Germany
Kleine Buhne
Giessen, Germany
Autumn Leaves Festival
Graz, Austria
Lendhafen Cafe
Klagenfurt, Austria
Academy Bar
Salzburg, Austria
Clash Cafe
Vienna, Austria
House Concert
Linz, Austria
Glockenbach Werkstatt
Munich, Germany
Cafe Gramsci
Dachau, Germany
Cafe Galao
Stuttgart, Germany
Galicia Bar
Olten, Switzerland
Winterthur, Switzerland
Langenberg, Germany
Alter Schlachthof
Soest, Germany
Stephanus Gemeindezentrum
Essen, Germany
Hameln, Germany
Rack n Roll
Ramscheid, Germany
Teilchen & Beschleuniger
Munster, Germany

New single!


‘Everything’ is the follow-up record to be taken Adam's forthcoming second LP; an ode to his folk roots, comprised with a more commercial feel.

Recorded with producer Sam Winfield (Amber Run, Fickle Friends), ‘Everything’ is a blend of Barnes’ raw, heartfelt lyrics, effortless guitar melodies and the rich Cello arrangements sounded by Barney Morse-Brown.

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Cover art of Adam Barnes' single 'Everything'
Cover art of Adam Barnes' single 'Bad Luck'

Bad Luck

Bad Luck is the lead single and opening track to the 2nd full length album of Adam Barnes. Listen now

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